Engineered Products

Bushes and Bearings: -
We offer a FAST turnaround on cast Bronze Bushes and Bearings, either as castings or machined. We offer White metal bushing.

Castings and Machined parts: -
We are able to manufacture from drawings or samples to meet the need for "out of date" or "obsolete" components in a wide variety of materials.

Special products: -
Through our long experience we are able to offer a sourcing service for many other items, such as: -

Silver brazing consumables
Checker floor plate (Steel and aluminium)
Sacrificial anodes

Multi-core (Bundled) Tube: -
Multi-core (Bundled) Tube is the most modern and economic way of installing multiple tubes for Hydraulic actuation, Sampling or Sensing systems.

Multi-core (Bundled) Tube consists of Stainless steel tubes laid together in such a way that the finished tube bundle may be coiled on to a drum which allows single lengths of up to 600 meters, allowing savings of up to 60% on conventional installations.

Up to 47 individual tubes in a singe bundle may be produced with working pressures up to 380 bar (depending on tube O/D and Wall thickness).

These systems only require pipe couplings to attach the equipment the ends, and greatly reduce the use of pipe-clips.

Multi-core (Bundle) Tube is available sheathed for added protection if required.

FULL range of accessories are available, e.g. Tube couplings, Splicing boxes, Shrink-wrap sleeves, Shrink-wrap fittings, Penetration pieces and Tools.